Change our future in a positive way. It is your choice. Kommunalwahl Frankfurt 2021

The members of FREIE WÄHLER Frankfurt are fighting for a process of political decision making based on discussions with our citiziens. We are highly motivated to design and to implement solutions which represent a realistic point of view (compatibility of different traffic needs, strenghten our local economy, involve social topics (families, children and older or disabled people and additionally simplify bureaucratic paperwork. Also digitalization is a bigger part of our focus. We are based in Frankfurt am Main city but are also connected with country party organizations above. (Link) Our goal is to connect people with different backrounds (regligious, cultural, age, sexuality, …) and to reach realistic and good solutions.

Change our future in a positive way. It is your choice.

Please vote on 14th of march 2021: FREIE WÄHLER Frankfurt

– Stadtverordnetenversammlung No. 13 (Wahlvorschlag 13)

– Kommunale Ausländervertretung No. 2 (Wahlvorschlag 2)

– Community parlament of your district (Link Ortsbeiräte)

Please take a look at our youtube channel (Link), our homepage (Link) or get directly connected with us (Link). Let`s change politics in Frankfurt am Main to define and implement a better future for all of us. Looking forward to seeing you soon!